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  • MFC Secretariat Team

MIDF Incentives for SMEs

Dear esteemed MFC members,

For your information, MIDF is now offering two financing incentives known as SME Revitalisation Financing (SMERF) and Soft Financing Scheme For Digital and Technology (SFDT) to small medium enterprises across all sectors.

SMERF is designed for SMEs constrained by financial difficulties and the underserved sectors to sustain and strive the enhancement of their product’s marketability.

Meanwhile, SFDT is to encourage SMEs to increase the utilisation of digital technologies to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

Among the highlights for both incentives are:


- Financing amount up to RM 250,000

- 3% p.a. on reducing balance

- Financing Tenure up to 7 years


- Financing amount up to RM 1 million (per application)

- As low as 4% p.a on reducing balance

- Working Capital Term financing up to 5 years

- IT Hardware & Software, Motor Vehicle, Machinery, Equipment up to 5 years

For further details and requirements of both incentives, kindly view the attachment provided or contact MIDF at or 1-300-88-6433.

Thank You

MFC Secretariat


诚致全体 MFC 会员:

谨此通知,MIDF 现在为所有的中小型企业提供两项援助,即中小企业振兴融资计划(SMERF)和数码科技低息贷款 (SFDT)。

SMERF 专为面对财务困难和服务欠缺的行业提供援助,以维持和提高产品的适销性。

此外,SFDT 则是鼓励中小企业提升数码科技运用,以提高竞争力和效率。



- 融资金额高达马币 25 万令吉

- 年利率为 3%

- 融资期限最长为7年


- 融资金额高达马币 100 万令吉(每次申请)

- 年利率为 4%

- 营运资金期限融资长达5年

- 电脑硬件和软件、交通工具、机械、设备长达5年

欲知更多详情,请参阅附件或联系 MIDF: 或1-300-88-6433.



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