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  • MFC Secretariat Team

UPDATE: Gentle Reminder to adhere to the SOP and Health Guidelines 温馨提醒:严格执行和遵守SOP和健康指南

Dear esteemed MFC members, For your information, MITI has voiced its displeasure regarding the surging cases of Covid-19 attributed to the furniture industry.

The ministry has said it does not discount the option to introduce a tighter SOP for the entire furniture industry if things do not improve on our side.

Therefore, we strongly urge that all members adhere to the SOP and related health guidelines in your home, factories, retails outlets, dormitories, etc that were set by the government in order to ensure the furniture industry can continue operating during the MCO, CMCO etc.

Alongside this message please refer to the multilingual SOP we have attached for your convenience.

Thank You! MFC Secretariat

诚致全体MFC会员: 谨此通知,马来西亚国际贸易及工业部(MITI)针对家具制造业日益剧增的新冠病毒疫情表达强烈不满。该部门表示,如果情况没有改善,他们不排除会执行更严谨的SOP。


随函附上不同语言的 SOP 供参考。

谢谢! 马来西亚家具总会秘书处 启



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