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URGENT: MFC Foreign Labour Follow Up Questionnaire 申请外了跟进问卷 2020

Further to our previous June 2019 Foreign Labour Questionnaire, the MFC has been in constant dialogue with the relevant authorities to ease the approval process of foreign labour application by the Malaysian furniture industry.

On this note, we are pleased to share that the Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR) and the Department of Labour (JTKSM) has requested for the following information to facilitate the next step of application, especially with regard to over quota and accommodation issue. We strongly encourage members to complete this follow up questionnaire as the information collected will be submitted as the updated data, in support of your company’s application.

Please complete and return your questionnaire to MFC Secretariat through fax: 03-9286 2296 or email via, or submit to our State Associations secretariat, deadline is 23 January 2020, Thursday before 3PM. Should you have any inquiry, please contact MFC secretariat at Tel: 03-9282 2333.


谨此通知,人力资源部 (MoHR) 和劳工部 (JTKSM) 要求业界提供下列资料,以简化进一步的申请程序,特别是在比例和住宿问题上。在此呼吁所有需要外劳的会员务必填写这份跟进问卷,所收集到的资料将被视为最新的数据。

敬请会员把填妥的申请外劳跟进问卷通过传真:03-9286 2296 或电邮:council@mfc.my提交给总会秘书处,业者也可把此跟进问卷交给各州属会秘书处。截至日期是2020年1月23日(星期四)下午3时前。任何疑问,请联络总会秘书处:03-9282 2333 。


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