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2022 HS Code and 2017 HS Code by MITI for exporters and importers

Dear esteemed MFC members,

For your information, there are cases where exporters whom faced difficulty when declaring their products to countries whom have applied the 2022 HS Code while Malaysia is still using the 2017 version.

MITI has informed us in the meantime, local exporters whom want to enjoy preferential treatment at importing countries already using the 2022 HS Codes are to do the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain the 2022 HS Code of the exporting products at the importing countries Customs Authority

Step 2: Go into ePCO system at

Step 3: Continue using the 2017 HS code (Malaysia) in the PCO form (kindly view the attachment for details)

Step 4: Include the new importing country HS Code by indicating the HS 2022 in bracket which must be done in the ePCO system (kindly view attachment for details)

As for local importers seeking to import from countries using the 2022 HS Code, MITI has advised that local importers notify their exporters to indicate the 2017 HS Code in bracket on their CO form.

For further enquiries, kindly contact MITI at

source :

(please refer to Announcement No 6.)

Thank You

MFC Secretariat

马来西亚国际贸易及工业部有关出口商和进口商:2022 HS 编码和2017 HS 编码通知

诚致全体 MFC 会员:

由于马来西亚仍使用 2017 年版的HS 编码,近期有一些出口商在已采用 2022 年 HS 编码的国家申报产品时,遇到困难。

马来西亚国际贸易及工业部刚发布通告,想获得 2022 年 HS 编码进口国优惠待遇的 本地出口商,请采取以下步骤:

步骤一:向进口国海关获取出口产品的 2022 年版的 HS 编码。

步骤二: 登入 ePCO 系统: 。

步骤三:继续使用优惠原产地证书 (PCO) 表格中,2017 年版 HS 编码(马来西亚)。详情请参阅附件。

步骤四:填写进口国的 HS 编码,并括号注明 HS 2022。该步骤必须在 ePCO 系统中完成。详情请参阅附件。

MITI 建议这些欲使用 2022 年版 HS 编码国家进口产品的 本地进口商,须通知其出口商,在原产地证书(CO)表格中 括号注明 2017 年 HS 编码。

欲知更多详情,请联系 MITI: .


(Refer to Announcement 第六项)





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