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President's Message

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Dear Esteemed MFC Members,

The recent pandemic has brought much disruption to the entire globe. One of its long-lasting effects is the alteration of our way of life. This automatically transcends into the business sector where remote working and purchasing patterns of consumers have changed and will remain in the long run.


Furniture products, while not being seen as an essential item are still required as part of the contemporary lifestyle. This means that the days where conducting businesses via the conventional way will too be facing an evolution. Therefore, it is up to industry players to adapt and cooperate closely in changing their business operandi and production module to cater to a group of young and green-savvy consumers.


The furniture industry remains determined to achieve our vision as one of the top furniture exporters in the world, but it requires government support by reducing red tape and offering more incentives and benefits.


I am confident that the council will continue playing a crucial role as the bridge between the government and industry players by sharing related information and voicing out their concerns vice-versa to the authorities.



Malaysian Furniture Council



诚致全体 MFC 会员:










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