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Major Points on MTIB Letter to Customs Department DG

Please find enclosed of the Major points on MTIB Letter to Customs Department DG for our attention.

1) The enforcement of the requirement for MTIB Import License on Particleboard/ Chipboard (4410) and Fibreboard (4411) will begin on October 1, 2021 (Friday) after being repeatedly postponed since October 17, 2020.

2) In accordance to Section 13 of Act 105, all importers are required to register with MTIB.

3) Until now, up to 116 companies have registered as importers for both products.

4) Meanwhile, the application and processing of the license of both products shall be conducted manually by all MTIB office and subjected to random physical inspection.

5) The notice on the enforcement of this requirement has already been notified to all involved companies through email and circular through the MTIB portal and MTIB MCS system.


MFC Secretariat

随函附上有关 MTIB 发个海关总监的信函重点,供参考:

1. 强制性施行刨花板 (4410) 和纤维板 (4411) MTIB 进口准证措施自 2020 年 10 月 17 日以来多次被展延施行。最终,该措施将于2021 年 10 月 1 日 (星期五) 开始实施。

2. 根据第 105 法令第 13 项条规,所有进口商都必须向 MTIB 注册

3. 到目前为止,已有 116 家公司注册成为这两种产品的进口商。

4. 同时,这两种产品的准证申请和处理,均由 MTIB 各办事处官员进行,并将进行随机实物检查。

5. 有关此措施的通告已透过 MTIB 网站和 MTIB MCS 系统,以电邮及通告方式传达给所有相关公司。 谢谢!



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