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Mercedes-Benz Corporate Sales Campaign

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

We are pleased to inform that MFC has entered into a Corporate Sales Campaign with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM).

On this note, eligible MFC Members will be able to enjoy 6% fleet discount on the purchase of one (1) brand new Mercedes-Benz cars sold by MBM.

Those who are interested, please contact MFC Secretariat at 03-9282 2333.

谨此通知,马来西亚家具总会已和Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) 合作,向总会会员推出独家企业回馈计划。

符合条件的会员在购买一辆全新的Mercedes-Benz时,将享有高达6% 的优惠折扣,视车款型号而定。


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