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MFC Mission to Nankang, Ganzhou to Explore Business Opportunities 中国江西省竷州市南康的考察与商机

Nankang district in the city of Ganzhou in the Southern Jiangxi province has gained the reputation of billion furniture industry zone and has been named ‘China’s Solid Wood Capital’ and ‘China’s Furniture Industry Central Base.

On 1 July 2019, MFC received a courtesy call from a delegation of six persons from the Nankang Furniture Association. MFC reciprocated by accepting the invitation to visit on 4 August 2019 in conjunction with the Nankang Furniture Association 2ndBoard Committee Dinner and 40th Nankang Furniture Model Awards Ceremony, led by MFC President, Mr Khoo Yeow Chong.

The four-day programme included dialogue and exchange of information with government officials such as the Nankang District Furniture Promotion Bureau and Nankang Business Bureau. Both parties agreed that there is a need to maintain good communication and cooperation, strengthen information exchange, and promote investment opportunities and technology exchange between both countries.

During the four days, the MFC delegation visited six companies, as well as the Ganzhou Port- which is the country’s 8th inland port. In addition, the delegation also visited the Ganzhou Jiangxi Vocational College, which has led to MFC to consider exploring opportunities to foster cooperation in wood, material processing, semi-finished products processing, machine equipment etc.

The mission also discussed about the annual furniture exhibitions by MFC and Nankang Furniture Association respectively. The exhibitions are an important avenue to promote and develop the industry to the international market. Both association agreed to jointly explore and actively promote and participate in the exhibitions that will allow furniture players to broaden their horizons, explore new markets and in turn increase the exports of furniture.

The Malaysian Furniture Council expresses its sincere gratitude to the furniture association of the Gangzhou Jiangxi, Nankang Furniture Association and the Nankang District Furniture Promotion Bureau for providing hospitality and ensuring a productive, fruitful and educational trip for the delegates.







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