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MTC Export Assistance Programme 2022

Dear esteemed MFC members,

MTC has released the guidelines of the Export Assistance Programme (EAP) 2022 aimed at providing assistance to Malaysian SME timber exporters to defray part of the ocean freight charges.

Among the major requirements of this incentive are:

  1. Company must be incorporated in Malaysia and based in Peninsula Malaysia.

  2. Company must be Malaysian owned (at least 51% of shareholding).

  3. For small medium enterprises (SME) only.

  4. Must be a member of any one of the six (6) timber associations (MWIA, TEAM, MPMA, MWMJC, MFC and PEKA).

Eligible products are such as:

  1. Sawntimber, Veneer, Panel Products, Mouldings, Furniture etc which are produced in Malaysia and deemed suitable by MTC and raw materials are from legal sources.

  2. Export of timber products from Peninsula Malaysia to Sabah, Sarawak and ASEAN countries is NOT ELIGIBLE under this incentive.

  3. Port of origin is a port located in Peninsula Malaysia.

For every company, the reimbursement is RM 15,000 maximum per company per year with the reimbursement rate 25% of the total freight cost up to a maximum RM 15,000.

Interested applicant can make their application through until December 31, 2022.

For further details, kindly view the attachment or contact Ms Adeline Goh (03- 9281 1999 ext 601/ or Ms Noor Ateeqah (ext 606/

Thank You

MFC Secretariat

马来西亚木材理事会 2022 年出口援助方案 (EAP)

诚致全体 MFC 会员:



1. 注册於马来西亚半岛的马来西亚公司。

2. 公司必须为马来西亚人拥有(至少 51% 的股权)。

3. 只限于中小企业。

4. 必须是 6 大木材协会(MWIA, TEAM, MPMA, MWMJC, MFC and PEKA)中任何一个的会员。


1) 马来西亚生产;被 MTC 认定拥有合法来源的锯材、木单板、木面板产品、模制品、家具等,原材料等。

2) 马来西亚半岛出口至沙巴、砂劳越和东盟国家的木材产品,无法享有这项奖掖。

3) 始发港应位于马来西亚半岛的港口。

一家公司每年最多报销马币 15,000 令吉,报销率为总运费的 25%,最高可达 15,000 令吉。

有兴趣者请通过 提出申请,该奖掖开放至 2022年12月31日 。

欲知更多详情,请参阅附件或联系 MTC 负责人Ms Adeline Goh (03- 9281 1999 ext 601/ 或 Ms Noor Ateeqah (ext 606/。





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