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MTC’s TIMB3R DIP 2.0 Programme

For your information, MFC together with the collaboration of the MTC and MIID will be launching its second TIMB3R Design Incubator Programme (DIP) for manufacturers to cooperate with designers.

This project is aimed to provide an opportunity for manufacturers and designers to produce high value timber and furniture products for the international market.

Among the conditions of this TIMB3R DIP 2.0 programme are:

1) Open to all Malaysian timber and furniture manufacturers

2) Timber materials should account for at least 30% of the final furniture product and 50% of other timber products

3) A commitment fee of RM 5,000 to be paid per company per product category and it is refundable upon completion of the Programme.

The final products of this programme will be showcased at the REKA Interior Exhibition (RIX) 2022 and Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE) 2023.

Interested participants can register at or scan the QR code at the attachment provided.

Please submit the required documents and T&C and Self Declaration form by September 7, 2021 (Tuesday)

For further information, kindly view the attachment provided or contact Shafik Zainuddi at 013- 391 1201 ( or Mandy Chea at 016- 492 4682 (

谨此通知,马来西亚家具总会将与马来西亚木材理事会及马来西亚室内设计师协会,再度合作联手推出 TIMB3R 家具设计师计划2.0 ( TIMB3R DIP 2.0),让制造商与设计师合作。


参与 TIMB3R DIP 2.0 的条件包括:

1) 该计划开放给 所有马来西亚木材和家具制造商。

2) 木材 至少占最终家具成品的30%,占其他木材产品的50%。

3) 每间公司的每个产品类别需支付马币 5,000 令吉的承担费,该承担费 可在该计划完成后退还。

该计划的最终成品将在 2022 年 REKA 室内设计展(RIX)和 2023 年马来西亚国际出口家具展(EFE) 上展示。

有兴趣参与者可点击此链接报名参与 或扫描传单上的二维码。

请于 2021年9月7日(星期二)前 提交所需文件、条规和自我申报表。

欲知更多详情,请参阅附件或联系 MTC 负责人 Shafik Zainuddi :013- 391 1201 ( 或 Mandy Chea :016- 492 4682 (。

Introduction Session Slides
Download PDF • 5.21MB
TIMB3R DIP 2.0 - Manufacturer TC Self-Declaraton Form
Download PDF • 1.71MB



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