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NADMA Collection on Losses suffered to the Northeast Monsoon Wind

Dear esteemed MFC members,

For your information, the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) is gathering information regarding the losses suffered by the timber industry players in relation to the Northeast Monsoon wind/ Monsun Timur Laut.

Among the requested information are types of losses, the district as well as loss estimation suffered.

Interested participants can list out their losses in the attachment provided and submit it to Miss Nor Farha Liyana Yasin ( before 10.00am, June 8, 2023 (Thursday).

For further information, kindly contact Miss Nor Farha Liyana Yasin at 03- 9281 1999 (ext 708)

Thank You

MFC Secretariat


诚致全体 MFC 会员:

谨此通知,国家灾害管理局 (NADMA) 正在收集有关木材业者因东北季候风 (Monsun Timur Laut) 而遭受损失的资讯


有兴趣提交者必须在所提供的附件中列出他们的损失,并在 2023年6月8日(星期四)上午10点前将其提交给 Ms Nor Farha Liyana Yasin(。

如有任何疑问,请致电 03-9281 1999(分机 708)联系 Ms Nor Farha Liyana Yasin。



Taksiran Kerugian Sektor Perladangan Musim Monsun Timur Laut - Association
Download XLSX • 12KB



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