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Notice on Increased allocation for Material Handling Equipment under MTC ATA Incentive 2023

Dear esteemed MFC members,

For your information, MTC has increased the allocation for the Purchase of Material Handling Equipment from a maximum of RM 70,000 previously to RM 100,000 now.

Under this new allocation, SME’s and non-SME’s are able to claim 50% (previously 30%) of the equipment/ system price and freight charges which is limited to a maximum of RM 100,000 once per company/ group of companies (one-off basis).

Example: Company A decides to apply and obtained RM 60,000 from MTC for their first material handling equipment. Company A is still entitled to claim the remaining RM 40,000 from MTC for the subsequent material handling equipment.

Example: Company B decides to apply and obtained RM 100,000 from MTC for their first material handling equipment. Company B is NOT ENTITLED to claim under this incentive anymore as their RM 100,000 quota has been fully utilised.

NOTE: Material Handling Equipment consists of semi and auto pallet truck, auto stacker, conveyors/ rails, sortation system, automated guided vehicle, etc

Interested companies can apply through

For further details on the other terms and conditions, kindly view the attachment provided or contact Ms Ong Lay Lee (03-9281 1999 ext 602/ ) or Ms Wong Mei Kuan (ext 605/

Thank You

MFC Secretariat

2023 马来西亚木材理事会 ATA 物流设备津贴通知

诚致全体 MFC 会员:

谨此通知,马来西亚木材理事会已将采购物流设备的津贴从之前的最高马币 70,000 令吉增加至马币 100,000 令吉

在这项新分配下,中小企业和非中小企业能申请相关设备/系统价格和运费的 50%(之前为 30%),每家公司 / 公司集团一次最多可获得马币 100,000 令吉的补贴(一次性)

举例1 : A 公司向 MTC 申请并获得马币 60,000 令吉,并用于他们的第一台物流设备。 A 公司仍然可在往后的购买物流设备中,再向 MTC 申请剩余的马币 40,000 配额。

举例 2:B 公司向 MTC 申请并获得马币 100,000 令吉,并用于他们的第一台物流设备。 B 公司无权再向 MTC 申请有关补贴。


有兴趣的公司可通过 申请

欲知更多详情,请查阅附件或联系 Ms Ong Lay Lee (03-9281 1999 ext 602/ ) 或 Ms Wong Mei Kuan (ext 605/ mkwong@mtc.



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