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Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship Programme (DMEP) 2022 by MTC

Dear esteemed MFC members,

For your information, MTC will be organising a Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship Programme (DMEP) – Consultation and Coaching. The programme is designed to assist Malaysian timber and furniture companies to move into digital marketing and be competitive digitally.

Under this programme, consultants will also provide one-on-one analysis on digital marketing problems faced by the companies as well as draw up a digital marketing plan.

Applicants can either use MTC’s panel of consultants (Option 1) or their own preferred choice of consultants (Option 2) with certain terms and conditions and the project duration to be completed within 1 year from the date of appointment of the consultant.

A maximum RM 10,000 financial incentive will be claimable PER COMPANY for the consultation fee subjected to availability of the fund.

Interested applicants can complete the application form at alongside the necessary supporting documents to MTC by October 31, 2022 (Monday).

For further information, kindly view the attachment provided or contact YM Raja Mahadi Raja Muhamed at 03- 9281 1999 (ext: 804) or

Thank You

MFC Secretariat

马来西亚木材理事会数码营销创业计划 (DMEP) 2022

谨此通知,马来西亚木材理事会(MTC)将推介数据营销创业计划 -咨询和指导。该计划旨在帮助马来西亚木材和家具公司开拓数码营销并提高竞争力。


申请者可选择 MTC 的顾问小组(选项一)或自行选择的顾问(选项二),但须符合条规。项目期限应在委任顾问的那天起一年内完成。

每家公司将获得最高 RM10,000 的奖掖作为咨询费。

有兴趣参与者请在 2022年10月31日(星期一)前通过以下链接填妥申请表格并把所需的文件提交至MTC。

欲知更多详情,请联系MTC负责人contact YM Raja Mahadi Raja Muhamed:03- 9281 1999 (ext: 804) 或 。


DMEPCC 2022 Flyer and T&C - 14.09.2022
Download PDF • 1.67MB



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