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Petition against Export Cess on Furniture

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Dear Esteemed MFC Members,

It has come to MFC's attention that furniture will be subjected to export cess in the very near future.

Cess is a form of tax that will be levied by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board at the time of export. This action will add to additional cost and paperwork burden.

We urge all members and furniture industry players to sign this petition.

Please return signed petition to MFC by Wednesday, 2 October via email to or fax to 03-9286 2296

The petitions will be compiled and submitted to MPI Minister.

For further information, please contact MFC Secretariat June or Gek on 03-9282 2333

Thanks and regards, MFC Secretariat



事关家具业将在不久后将被征税 CESS事宜,让我们感到担忧。

CESS 是马来西亚木材工业局在出口时会征收的税务。此事将额外增加业者的成本和加重文件负担。

请点击此处以获取“针对家具出口税的请愿书”。 我们敦促所有成员和家具行业参与者签署本请愿书。

随电子邮件附上"反对家具业出口征税请愿书"一份。我们促请所有会员和业者签署有关请愿书。 请於10 月 2 日(星期三)前通过电子邮件将已签名的请愿书呈上 MFC秘书处 或传真至03-9286 2296

有关请愿书将在收集后,提呈给马来西亚原产业部长。 如有任何疑问,请联系马来西亚家具总会秘书处 June 或 Gek,03-9282 2333。

马来西亚家具总会秘书处 启

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