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MTC Incentive for Participation of 2023 International Fairs in Malaysia

Dear esteemed MFC members,

For your information, the Malaysian Timber Council is introducing a financial incentive for the participation of international fairs (physical and virtual) held in Malaysia in 2023.

Among the list of physical exhibitions to be covered are:

1) Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF)

2) Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE)

3) The International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition (Archidex)

The list of virtual exhibitions covered are:

1) MIFF Furniverse 2023

2) EFE Online Exhibition 2023

3) ARCHIDEX Online 2023

Among the requirements are such as:

1) Incorporated in Peninsula Malaysia and being a member of any one of the six (6) timber associations;

2) The products of the applicant company MUST be produced in Malaysia or finished in Malaysia (if imported parts or components are used);

3) Timber content of the finished product must be at least 30% timber for furniture and 70% timber for timber products.

The amount claimable by the applicant are such as:

1) Maximum of RM 15,000 only for participation at physical exhibition or bare space or shell scheme booth, OR;

2) Maximum of RM 2,000 only for participation at virtual exhibition.

Note: Please take note that applicants are only entitled to receive sponsorship in either one (1) of the approved exhibitions regardless of whether it is physical or virtual and preference will be given to those companies whom have not received financial support from MTC previously.

Interested applicants are to apply at alongside the supporting documents prior to the dateline as stated in the attachment based on the exhibition you want to participate.

For further details on the incentive, kindly view the attachment provided or contact Afifah Aliah Abdul Rahman at 03-9821 1999 ext 808 ( or Muhammad Faizal, ext 807 (

Thank You

MFC Secretariat

马来西亚木材理事会予 2023 年在马来西亚举办的国际博览会奖掖

诚致全体 MFC 会员:

谨此通知,马来西亚木材理事会将为参与 2023 年於马来西亚举办的国际展览会(实体和线上)提供财务奖掖。






1)2023 MIFF Furniverse 线上家具展

2)2023 马来西亚国际出口线上家具展

3)2023 ARCHIDEX 线上展




3)成品中的木材含量:家具至少 30%、木制品至少 70%


1)最高 RM 15,000,仅用于实体展览 / 标准展摊 / 光地展摊;

2)最高 RM 2,000,仅用于参加线上展览。


有兴趣申请者,请参与附件中的详情,并在截至日期前通过 提交所需文件。

欲知更多详情,请联系 Afifah Aliah Abdul Rahman 03-9821 1999 ext 808 ( 或 Muhammad Faizal ext 807 ( )



TC Self Declaration Form - MTC FIPIF 2023
Download PDF • 351KB



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