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MTCC Briefing Session on PEFC Certificate holder under MTCS

Dear esteemed MFC members,

For your information, the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) will be organising a briefing session for the PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) holders under the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS).

The event is intended to provide an update for PEFC CoC holder regarding the current status of the MTCS implementation and the PEFC CoC 2020 Standards as well as how PEFC is addressing the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).

Details of the event are as below:

Date: December 21, 2023 (Thursday)

Time: 8.30 am – 12.00 pm

Venue: AVANTE Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Interested individuals can register their attendance at or via email to ASAP.

Please take note that attendance is limited to 80 participants.

For further information, kindly view the attachment provided or contact MTCC at 03- 2161 2298 or Puan Fatin at

Thank You

MFC Secretariat


诚致全体 MFC 会员:

马来西亚木材认证理事会 (MTCC) 将为马来西亚木材认证计划 (MTCS) 下的 PEFC 产销监管链 (CoC) 持有者举办简报会。

该活动旨在为 PEFC CoC 持有者提供与 MTCS 相关的实施现状,和 PEFC CoC 2020 标准 ,同时也就 PEFC 如何应对欧盟毁林法规 (EUDR) 提供最新资讯。



时间:上午8.30 – 中午12.00

地点:AVANTE Hotel, Petaling Jaya


备注:出席人数 仅限 80 名 参与者。

欲知更多详情,请查阅附件或联系 MTCC 03-2161 2298 或 Puan Fatin





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