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  • MFC Secretariat Team

Welcome to EFE2025, International Furniture Trade Exhibition dated on 02 to 05 March 2025

Dear esteemed MFC members / 诚致全体 MFC 会员:

Warmest greetings from EFE Expo!

On behalf of the Malaysia International Export Furniture Exhibition, we

sincerely thank you for your strong support.

We gladly invite you once again to participate in the 2025 Malaysia

International Export Furniture Exhibition, to join hands creating

brilliance together!



Hereby, share with you the EFE2024 latest videos

在此,想与您分享 EFE 2024年展会的视频。

* EFE2024 DAY 1 Highlight 第一天亮点:

* EFE2024 DAY 2 Highlight 第二天亮点:

* EFE2024 FULL Highlight + Interview 总结视频及访问:

* EFE2024 MFC Awards MFC 家具创意奖 :

Below is EFE link for 2024 EFE online exhibition floor plan (show guide), spotlight and show directory, simply by clicking on the link

随函也附上EFE 2024年的线上展会平面图(展会指南)、亮点和目录,请点击链接观看

* EFE 2024 Online Exhibition / Floor Plan (Show Guide)

* EFE 2024 Spotlight

* EFE 2024 Show Directory

EFE2025 Exhibition Information / EFE2025 展会资讯

We hereby cordially invite you to participate at EFE - Asia's Premier Furniture Trade Show.

In order for us to prepare the best proposal, please provide us the following information:-

我们诚致邀请您参与 EFE2025 ~亚洲首屈一指的家具贸易展会。


Product to exhibit 展出产品 :

Booth size request in sqm 展会面积需求(平方米) :

For further details kindly contact EFE at 012- 787 6332 / or and looking forward to your favorable reply.

欲知详情,请致电联系 EFE 012-787 6332 / 或,期待您的回复。



MFC Secretariat




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